How to Build an Electric Bike

Build an Electric Bike How to Build an Electric Bike | DIY

Build an electric bike yourself is a fairly simple task as long as you follow the proper assembly steps, and do a good job of checking quality of the parts you use. And of course, there’s that final touch that only you can give it: flames, a custom paint job, maybe even a BMX logo.

Also depending on where you are, some parts may not be available or some modifications will be necessary. The batteries you can purchase in the US, for example, are different from what you’ll get in in Argentina. Read the rest of this entry »

Fixing wireless headphones for a longer duration

Merkury HeadphonesWhen I was younger and had hair, ok not that long ago, I bought myself a pair of cheap chinese wireless headphones. I had grown tired of my cumbersome wired set, and decided to give myself a little freedom while listening to my music.

Obviously these wireless headphones, being made in China, didn’t exactly live up to expectations. The audio was okay for your average listening, but the headphones themselves could have used a little bit more work. Read the rest of this entry »

Induction charging can save the planet

QiInductive charging is a new concept in consumer electronics. Yes, I’m talking about those charging mats where you place your devices, and they magically charge. No wires attached.

And it could be a real life saver for the environment.

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How batteries can harm the environment

BatteriesBatteries are all over the place right now. But did you know that batteries can harm the environment if we don’t use them properly? That’s right, keep on reading to find out how batteries can harm the environment, and how to keep that from happening.

Dangerous stuff inside

Batteries are a blessing. They let us power all of our portable devices, they let us start our cars, they keep our computers and data safe, among many other uses. But they also contain a payload of chemicals which can be harmful to you. Fortunately, most batteries come sealed inside a metal and plastic casing, which makes them safe to use. Read the rest of this entry »

Harvesting lightning for energy

Lightning bolts

Harvesting lightning for energy

Have you ever wondered, could we be harvesting lightning for energy one day, funneling it into the power grid, as a renewable source of power for our homes? A single bolt of lightning contains a huge amount of energy. Lightning could be a source just waiting to be tapped.

Except, harvesting lightning for energy isn’t as easy, or as cost effective, as it seems. Which is why there’s been little or no research in that particular field.

Let’s start by analyzing the kind of power plant we would need to store the energy Read the rest of this entry »

Rechargeable battery duration

Rechargeable BatteryRechargeable battery duration

As all cell phone users have noticed in the history of these devices, whenever you recharge your battery this slightly reduces their maximum capacity, which means that in the long run, all your mobile devices have their autonomy reduced the distance to the nearest plug or receptacle.

A team of researchers from the United States Department of energy believes that it has found the reasons, and most importantly, how prevent lithium-ion rechargeable batteries deteriorating over time.

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Transparent Solar Cells

Transparent Solar CellsTransparent Solar Cells

For five years now we have seen a boom in solar power: solar heaters that are beginning to cover the roofs of buildings around the world, solar farms or aircraft that used the power of the Sun to reduce their costs. But the solar cells have not covered all possible surfaces that might house them, because they are particularly ugly.
Now, research published in Nature Photonics by Los Alamos National Laboratory (the guys that built the first atomic bomb) presents an interesting article: windows that can act as solar panels.

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Replacing my car with an electric bicycle

Electric BicycleReplacing my car with an electric bicycle

Replacing my car with an electric bicycle has been an idea that’s been in my head lately. As you probably know, I’ve been looking into building this electric bicycle project, which I found recently. It’s quiet, sustainable, and costs next to nothing to build and run. And the best part is, on this electric bicycle I can go up to 50 MPH. On city streets, that’s the same speed as travelling by car!

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How to Solar Power Your Home

How to Solar Power Your Home

How part of the commitment of StayGreen help reduce the consumption of natural resources, we will publish information which I have recommended to our DIY project, is how to calculate the consumption of Solar energy in our House (Solar Power Your Home).
It is not intended to replace the knowledge of technicians who already installed such systems, but there is enough information as to let you know that technicians will make in your home, or even you can do it in facilities that are small or as part of his experiments.

Capturing Energy from Motion

Capturing Electric MotionCapturing Energy from Motion

Capturing energy from motion. Energy is a universal constant in our world. It’s everywhere. And it manifests itself in lots of ways, one of the most common being motion. Every time something moves, it uses energy. Drive a car, you turn stored chemical energy into motion. Jump up and down, you´re also turning chemical energy into motion. Turn on your mp3 player, you’re turning electrical energy into sound, which is a type of motion. Read the rest of this entry »

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